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Famous Waterfall near Delhi City

Delhi, the capital city of India, is ideally located in the center of various popular tourist destinations. It is one of the oldest living cities and the largest metropolis in India. Besides being a heritage destination, Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory also has some stunning waterfalls. Here are some top waterfalls near Delhi.

Corbett Water Falls

Corbett Falls is a scenic waterfall situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Corbett Falls is gushes down from a height of 20 m in to a pool. Located near Corbett National Park, it is one of the popular waterfalls in Nainital and also one of the best waterfalls near Delhi. The sound of the waterfall gives peace of mind and feels refreshing. The fall is not very big but the natural beauty around the place has to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Kempty Water Falls

Kempty Falls is a magnificent waterfalls located in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Kempty Falls is one of the best waterfalls in India and also among the popular waterfalls near Delhi. Surrounded by lofty mountain peaks, the falls offer a remarkable view as the water dropping from a height of about 50 feet flowing through five cascading falls in the downstream. The pond formed at the bottom of the falls make an excellent spot for swimming, fishing, and bathing. Kempty Falls is the perfect place for picnic and one of the oldest tourist spots near Mussoorie.

Tiger Water Falls

Tiger Fall is a beautiful waterfalls located amidst hilly terrain near Chakrata in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. It is considered as the highest direct waterfall in India. This fascinating waterfall can be reached by an easy trek of 5 km which goes through rhododendron and oak trees, gives an enthralling experience. It is one of the favorite places for the people of Chakrata and also one of the best places to visit near Delhi during monsoon.

Chadwick Water Falls

Chadwick Falls is one of the amazing and striking waterfalls in Shimla region. Surrounded by thick green forest, the falls looks enchanting in the midst of steep hills of pine and deodar. The water in Chadwick falls is very cold, chilly and refreshing as it flows down from the Himalayas. A walk to Chadwick falls is exciting because of the magnificent view of the snowcapped mountains. It is one of the beautiful falls in Shimla and also one of the major places to visit near Delhi.

Bhatta Water Falls

Bhatta Falls is one of the scenic waterfalls located on Mussoorie – Dehradun road in Uttarakhand.Cascading down from a height of 30 feet into a poolScience Articles, the falls is untouched by commercialization and is a good place to spend some time.It is one of the major tourist spot near Mussoorie and one of the best waterfalls to be covered during.

Authentic Experiences Which You Should Never miss out in Singapore

We have handpicked some of the best experiences you can explore in Singapore. Ask your local operator for the best Singapore family packages and we can assure you that these would definitely feature in most of them.

   Shopping in Singapore

The Orchard Road is one of the shopping meccas in Southeast Asia which offers unmatchable experiences. With the best of international brands and local brands available with incredible variety, you would be spoilt for choices. The Orchard Road overflows with an array of boutiques and international brand stores which have taken the concept of a shopping district to an altogether new level. This 1.4 mile stretch of road is home to more than 23+ malls. Yes! You heard it right. This place is very close to the Marina Bay, Marina Squarehouse, and the City Mall. For some usual finds, head to the Emporium Shokuhin, which is a multi-story Japanese specialty grocery store. For some authentic shopping experience, head to Kampong Glam, Little India or Chinatown. If you indulge in some tours in Singapore, then you are sure to pass through these popular shopping destinations.

   Geyland Road

The over-stuffed shops, boisterous restaurant customers, ramshackle shop houses, and bustling traffic in the city gives a remotely edgy feeling of Singapore. One of the few places in Singapore which don’t feature in the polished areas of the city.  The several alleys which lead off the main road serve as a historic red-light district. One of the great places in Singapore to try the amazing variety of local delicacies and other international cuisines at a reasonable cost. One of the places which you should never miss out due to the wonderful fusion of modern and rural experiences it offers.

   Sentosa Island and Pulau Ubin

The Sentosa Island was built with the sole purpose of providing complete entertainment and loads of it. One of the best locations to venture into the urban jungle away from the bustles of a busy city life. A place dedicated to leisure only, you can explore the various offerings such as beachfront bars, golf courses, fine dining, five-star resorts, numerous theme parks, and all-night party destination which makes it too tempting to resist during your Singapore Tours. Pulau Ubin offers a completely different environment in comparison to Sentosa. Set on the eastern side of Singapore, this small fishing island tried its best to resist modernization in order to retain its authentic charm and effervescence. Rent a bike and head to the four-square mile for exploring the authentic charm of this ancient town.

   Discovering the Peranakan Culture

The Peranakan or Straits Chinese culture is one of the exciting cultures which definitely deserves your attention. Head to the Peranakan Museum which houses lavish exhibits and artifacts. Post that head to the East Coast Road where you will find a veritable living museum that is dotted with Peranakan restaurants and numerous cultural galleries. Do not forget to try the exotic steamed Nonya cakes in between your exploration tour.

   Explore the ethnic neighborhoods in Singapore

The vibrant ethnic districts of Kampong Glam, Little India, and Chinatown are fine examples of the cultural diversity existent in Singapore. The places give you a complete feeling of being at the respective local places with their vibrant and colorful atmosphere and diverse cuisines. With several original shop houses still lined up on its streets, you can still explore the popular attractions of this ethnic quarters in Singapore. The Sultan Mosque and the Haji Lane are some of the places you should definitely give it a try.

   Take a River Cruise in a bumboat along the Singapore River

The bumboat has a long history in Singapore. Set initially in the trade circles in Singapore, then stopped, and finally relaunched in the form of a tourist attraction down the Singapore River. Experience the fascinating skyscrapers, colonial-era buildings, restored conservation warehouses, several Riverside sculptures, and several historical bridges along your journey. One of the most authentic experiences of Singapore’s cultural heritage and one of the prime inclusions of every Singapore Tour Packages offered by any local tour operator.

   Marina Bay Sands Hotel Skypark

Last, but not the least, this is one of the prime attractions that define the dazzling skyline of Singapore. This iconic, tri-column structure which is placed at the mouth of the bay is valued closely to $8 billion. There is 2.5-acre rooftop terrace which connects the three towers in Marina Bay and houses a spectacular infinity pool, three restaurants, an observation deck, and an array of bar and lounges. If you are not one of the guests at the hotel, then a visit to the Skypark is worth a visit. In addition to unparalleled views of the cityArticle Submission, you can enjoy a drink at the popular Flight Bar & Lounge on a sunny afternoon on the terrace. A late evening indulgence would give you a wonderful view and give you a rare opportunity to see Singapore come alive post the sunset.

plan your trip around the Singapore Night Festival 2017

From being a bite-sized island, Singapore has become one of the prime financial centres of Asia and in the world. Referred to as the ‘Lion City’, Singapore is a sovereign city-state. Being a leading global player in every field, be it finance, commerce, industry or transport- Singapore boasts of the 3rd highest per capita GDP. Owing to the constantly evolving policies of the Singapore government, it now ranks to be one of the top cities for education, health care, quality of life, life expectancy, housing, career and much more. All of these verticals constantly keep adding to the quality of life of Singapore’s inhabitants. With a strong will to hold on to and nurture its age-old traditions, Singapore has plenty of grand annual festivals that dot the calendar. With over 63 islands which come together to make Singapore, one can imagine the diversity of the communities, ethnicities, races and religions. This sundry nature of Singapore reflects in these festivals which are quite honestly, a treat to attend and witness.

One such major festival is the much-awaited ‘Singapore Night Festival’ which is celebrated with much pomp and show every two weeks in the month of August. This grand festival celebrates the heritage and arts of Singapore’s history and tradition. You needn’t worry about travelling to the venue, as most of our holiday apartments in Singapore are located in close proximity to the metro station or other major modes of public transport which make travelling across Singapore a cakewalk. So sit back and read on to plan your stay in Singapore around the Singapore NightFestival.

What is it about?

The Singapore Night Festival is a grand celebration of the heritage and arts of Singapore that have evolved with it and have helped shape many traditions which the city-state holds on to till today.  This festival is held at one of the major street crossings and starts with its daily events only when the sun goes down. From music, art installations, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, indoor sports matches like wrestling and traditional martial art forms, food fairs, magic performances, performing arts like aerial dances, theatre, ballets and much more. This festival invites and offers its stage to both local and International artists and groups who come to perform and entertain the thousands who attend this festival. Also, the festival since its first year has always been free to attend. The major sponsor of this festival is the National Museum of Singapore. Some of the art installations and exhibitions are held at the National Museum of Singapore and other city museums for public viewing.

The Singapore Night Festival is centred around a central theme every year and all performances, installations, live musical acts are based around this theme. One should always head to Armenian Street- where traffic is prohibited and the public can indulge in the many live performances and stalls that adorn this street which becomes a mecca of sun-down fun. Look out for the light and laser installations which curate beautiful murals or well-known artworks on the facades of the Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum of Singapore.

Venue and Time:-

The Singapore Night Festival is held at the Bras Basah and Bugis precincts every year. Other major sub-locations of the SNF installations, stalls, exhibitions include the Armenian Street, The Singapore Museum of Art, The National Singapore Museum and The Singapore Peranakan Museum. The Singapore Night Festival for this year of 2017 is destined to be held from 18th of August to the 26th of August 2017. If you wish to plan your itinerary, depending on which performances and shows you are interested in, you can plan your itinerary accordingly by going through the official schedule for SNF 2017 by clicking on this link.

Major Highlights of the SNF 2017

The Singapore Night Festival is divided into two major sections of performance arts and the Night-light installations. This year’s edition of the SNF shall see 67 performing acts and 68 installations and exhibitions. See the entire schedule and their respective venues by downloading or saving the full schedule here. Some of the major highlights of this year’s SNF are:-

Globe by Close-Act Theatre

A beautiful theatre act of a child’s vision of the real world, one that doesn’t confine itself to religions, races or cultural traditions. A beautiful symphony of circus acts, pyrotechnics, audio and visual shows that put together one of the most impressive pop-acts that one might have seen till date.

Details:  24th- 26th August 2017

Venue:  Cathay Green

Convolutions by EZ3kiel

An exceptionally intriguing light and sound show that has been the talk of this year’s SNF edition. The project in talk maps the story of the National Museum of Singapore and particularly the architecture of it. The entire audio-visual show is projected on the façade of this museum and the story flows to the tune of a poetic ballet music.

Details: 18th- 26th August 2017

Venue: National Museum of Singapore.


Now that we have furnished you with all the necessary details of the Singapore Night Festival of 2017 and you have the schedule at your disposal to plan a quality itinerary for your trip to Singapore- Let’s take care of your concerns on accommodation. Be it for business or for leisure, brings to you its incredible assortment of accommodation in Singapore, which comprises of hand picked, fully-furnished serviced apartments in the best and the most prime neighbourhoods of Singapore. From fully-functional kitchens with a variety of appliances and utensils, round-the-clock skilled staff to address your concerns, an array of concierge services to get you going in this beautiful city and luxurious living spaces which will make you feel at home- offers experiences and not just accommodation. Check out these amazing short-term stays in Singapore here. All these apartments are located in the most upscale neighbourhoods of Marina Bay, Orchard RoadScience Articles, Beach Road- which would fall in close proximity to the festival venue. Choose from the many options.

The Beautiful Birdlife of the Galapagos Islands

With up to 750,000 seabirds making their home throughout the archipelago, the Galapagos Islands are one of the most abundant and exciting birdwatching destinations on Earth.

The most effective way of experiencing sightings of the vast array of species is on a Galapagos cruise, stopping off at various locations around the islands along the way.
The birds of the islands are extraordinarily unfazed by humans, so some marvellous “up close and personal” encounters can be experienced on a Galapagos cruise.

The Beautiful and Abundant Birdlife 

There are 28 endemic species of birds, as well as numerous resident non-endemic breeding species and frequent non-breeding visiting species. The following are some of the most popular with birdwatchers on a Galapagos cruise.

The Boobies

Along with the largest colony of Red-footed Boobies in the world (on Genovesa), the archipelago is home to the Blue-footed Booby (with large colonies on Seymour and Española) and the Nazca Booby, which is the biggest of all the species and found on most of the islands. Their elegant, showy courtship displays and impressive size (up to 3ft in length) make them a sought-after sight.

Darwin’s Finches

These 13 species may not be particularly impressive visually, but they gained their name for the huge biological role they played in Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theories. All the species are thought to have evolved from one single ancestor, and Darwin formulated many of his ideas after observing their diversity (differences in size, plumage, feeding habits and beak size and shape) and ability to quickly adapt to the habitats of each island. Among them are the Small Ground Finch, the Warbler Finch and the Large Cactus Finch.

The Galapagos Hawk

Although it has no predators and is the only breeding raptor in the archipelago, this endemic hawk is extinct on several islands, as a result of human hunting. There are thought to be just 150 pairs left, so a sighting is a memorable experience for avid birdwatchers. The best places for the opportunity are Santa Fe, Bartolomé, Fernandina, James, Isabela and Española.

The Waved Albatross

The Waved Albatross is the largest bird in the archipelago, with a wingspan reaching up to eight feet. While on land it is somewhat uncoordinated, when it takes to the skies it lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s most graceful birds. The only place to see this magnificent bird is on Española, where more than 12,000 pairs live in a number of colonies.

Galapagos Penguin

The world’s most northerly dwelling penguin is one of the island’s five endemic seabirds. It is able to survive at this northern latitude due to the chilly waters surrounding the islands, which are a result of the Humboldt and Cromwell Currents. Like the other wildlife here the birds are fearless of humans, so it’s not uncommon for visitors to enjoy snorkelling amongst the penguins (as well as fur seals and Sea Lions) of the breeding colonies off islands such as James, Isabela and Fernandina.

Experience the Birdlife on a Galapagos Cruise

For wildlife lovers, a Galapagos cruise is a true once in a lifetime experience. Along with the excellent birdwatching opportunities to see these and so many other speciesScience Articles, the chance to encounter the island’s unique mammals and reptiles is hugely exciting.