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Adelaide - Eating And Drinking

Adelaide has roughly one restaurant for every thirty people, so not surprisingly eating out is a local obsession, and it's incredibly inexpensive here compared to Sydney or Melbourne. Moonta Street, closed to traffic between Gouger and Grote streets, is a small Chinatown heralded by Chinese gates which has several Chinese restaurants and supermarkets. An excellent food plaza off Moonta Street (daily 11am-4pm, except Fri until 9pm) serves Vietnamese, Indian, Singaporean, Thai and Malaysian food as well as Chinese yum cha and Cantonese BBQ. There are over thirty restaurants on Gouger Street , many of which are alfresco and at their busiest on Friday night when the nearby Central Market stays open until 9pm. Café society is based around Rundle Street in the city, and in North Adelaide on O'Connell Street and the upmarket, decidedly chic Melbourne Street. Finally, eating in pubs in Adelaide doesn't just mean the usual steak and salad bar but covers the whole spectrum, from some of the best "contemporary" Australian food in town to bargain specials in several pubs along King William Street.


As for drinking, South Australian wine features heavily - which is just as well, since, by general consensus, tap water in Adelaide tastes dreadful. Although it's perfectly safe, there's usually only a small charge for spring water, which is what everybody drinks. And thanks to the state's liberal licensing laws, even most cafés are licensed.

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